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Liquid Soap better than dirty Ice (DarkIce)

2023-11-10 audio Rob Baruch
DarkIce bugs are Enough! Time to Soap Up So, over the years, I’ve maintained a DarkIce stream for Icecast2 audio server. Mostly, I do this for DMR radio that I want to stream from my Anytone 878 handset. The challenge is the code is not maintained and is buggy. Configuration is less than desirable as well. So after finally deciding enough was enough (one can only restart a failed daemon so many times), I bit the bullet and went on the hunt for alternatives. Continue reading

Making some Noise - Teensy, TGA-Pro, and MIDI

2018-05-04 programming Rob Baruch
Making Some Noise (and maybe even Music)! In this blog post, I’ll share my experiences using the Teensy and TGA-Pro Guitar Audio Shield to process audio - both using an audio processing codec as well as MIDI. I’ve also included the Yamaha UX16 USB-to-MIDI controller to aid in patching my MIDI channels into the inputs of the Guitar Audio shield. Teensy - Yet antother cheap USB uController board. At the hear of this project is the Teensy 3. Continue reading