Rantings from a guy with way too much free time


2017-10-28 Rob


qrz: KC3OQK


I’m a serial entrepreneur who enjoys writing code for fun when I’m not practicing guitar or drinking wine.


Here on my blog, you will find some interesting rants relating to coding, math, music, and wine (and maybe some other random stuff from time to time that catches my attention).


This blog supercedes the Octopress blog that I used to maintain on Since the nice folks who wrote the Octopress code seem to have abandoned it, I’ve decided to use hugo instead. It’s a very nice blogging package written in go that supports multiple themes and robust templating. And of course, it’s written in one of my fav programming languages - go!.

read -p "feedback?" ideas

I’d love to hear any thoughts you’d wish to share on content here - or content that you’d like to see here. Drop me a note!

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