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Making Heads or Tails out of Recursion and Combinatorial Math

2017-11-09 programming math python
GNU — GNU’s Not Unix I thought I’d take a look at two topics at once and make some fun by mashing them together. Today’s topic is recursion. In computer science (and in math, although we call the equation a recurrence relation) recursion is an often misunderstood concept causing lots of panic and anxiety. In reality - it’s pretty easy once you wrap you head around the idiom. What is recursion? Continue reading

Do the Numpy

2017-11-07 programming python
Do the Numpy Dance, Is your Chance to do the Nump! Sir Numpy says: The Numpy Dance is your chance to do the nump Do the Numpy Nump, come on and do the Numpty Nump Do the Numpy Nump, just watch me do the Numpty Nump Do ya know what I’m doin’, doin’ the Numpty Nump Do the Numpy Nump, do the Numpty Nump Start at the beginning: NumPy The first library that we will investigate is numpy. Continue reading

Data Science with Python: Let there be Light

2017-11-05 programming
Data-Science - Clueless? No prob. We got you dude. So you’ve likely heard all the hype about “data-science” - and if you’re not among the cool kids, it might be a wee-bit overwhelming to you. Where to even start? What does it all mean? How do you even begin to understand what you need to know to begin learning more and making progress in the field. Let’s start off with a few definitions: Continue reading