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NFC Tagboard - Using NFC Tags, Grafana, and Docker

2021-12-05 programming Rob Baruch
NFC Tags - Tracking tasks last completed Trying to track when you last completed a long-dated task can be challenging. Writing them on a calendar makes for difficult searching. Heavy apps are overkill. So what’s a person to do? A simple soltution - use NFC tags which are pre-loaded with custom JSON, drop a little golang server, and Docker persistance with MySQL, along with a Grafana UI to easily manage tracking of tasks. Continue reading

I'm Back!!! Diving into Rust!

2021-04-26 programming Rob Baruch
Noobie to Rust? Let’s get started!! So you want to get into rust? Sure, why not. Let’s do it. The setup Assuming you’re on a Mac, let’s get rust up and running so you’re ready to rip into learning the language. We’ll use rustup to install rust. This is the best way to manage your rust environment and toolchain. Not only can you manage toolchains using rustup, but also add-in components to make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Continue reading