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Sagreras Book 2, Lesson 11

2017-11-28 music etudes Rob Baruch
Etude Sagreras Lesson 11 Here's my first cut at recording Sagreras Etude #11. Although the etude feels like it's easy to play, recording it reveals an altogether unsatisfying experience when played back to the ear. My goal is to show how the exercise evolves over time when practicing it with the intention of not just playing it as a site-reading piece, but rather practicing it with the intention of recording it with more attention beyond mere site-reading. Continue reading

Julio Salvador Sagreras

2017-11-28 music guitar Rob Baruch
√Čtudes Someone once asked… How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Practice! Practice! Well, I think the Amtrak is a better way for me to get there at this point in my life! I've decided to spend time recording Sagreras etudes as I'm on a push to finish Book II and start Book III by March of 2018. Stay tuned for